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Founders View Social Networking Forum.


Founders View

The technological dawn of the twenty-first century was marked by social networking sites. Turned psychologically speechless due to urbanization all over the world, almost all the internet users were instantly attracted towards these sites. Similarly, I joined Facebook in the year 2007 but to my dismay; I soon found out that these sites were being used to spread religious and political hatred. It had become a platform for meaningless, unproductive quarrels rather than socially beneficial discussions and activities. This happened around the time the now ex U.S. President Barak Obama won the U.S. presidential elections using social media. It was then that I truly realized the true potential of the Social Media . So I took it to myself to put social media to correct use and thus laid the foundations of the Social Networking Forum with the motto Social Networking for a Social Cause. I have been working as a social worker since 1998 but when I realized that the extreme poverty found in the society could not be overcome by the efforts of a single person which is when I thought of channelizing the excess energy of the youth towards social causes instead of wasting it away on Facebook and other media. I found that the number of needy people that could be reached through this media and its participant youth is magnificent. The Social Networking Forum was established. Under this program, appeals were made to Facebook users to contribute a minimal quantity of their time and/or money for helping a deprived part of the society. I started posting some of my earlier social projects on Facebook which helped to build a confidence in the Netizens that they could do such work too. Gradually this movement began getting a huge response from Indians all over the world. Projects like blood donation camps and providing educational equipment to tribal schools. Due to the immense satisfaction members achieved due to the social works are done by the group it quickly expanded.

Many NRIs were attracted by the global occupancy of this forum and donated generously as a part of their responsibility towards their country. The forum began handling larger projects like tree plantation, permanent water scarcity solutions and others of its like.

This is indeed the reason why we feel that more of socially aware netizens like yourself should connect with us. You can contribute with whatever you have in abundance (either time or money) and we will make sure your sincere efforts reach to the truly deserving. Your efforts will enable you to become the support system of the economically deprived. Volunteering and helping us in our mission will be a service to the nation. Thus I beseech you to be a part and parcel of this unique and innovative E-movement!!.

  Mr. Pramod Gopalrao Gaikwad.

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