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While social media was used to spread religious and political unrest on a large scale, social worker Pramod Gopalrao Gaikwad from Nashik city of Maharashtra (India) thought to use this platform for motivating young generation for participating in social causes he started the movement "Social Networking For Social Cause" in the year 2010 on Facebook. This informal movement was later on institutionalized as 'Social Networking Forum' on 15th Dec 2014.

The movement has received great response from the Indian youths and NRIs. Through this initiative, hundreds of projects were undertaken and implemented. The organization’s main aims include resolving drinking water problems in rural and tribal areas, provide financial help to families of the martyrs, giving help to drought-affected farmers and the children of farmers who have committed suicide, to provide basic amenities, food and school material such as benches, books, sports kits, educational kits to orphanages.

In these times of internet and mobiles, social media is being commonly used as an instrument to spread false propaganda, to create a communal divide, to hurt religious sentiments of people and to bring about unrest in the society. On this backdrop, the forum is connecting the youths across social networking sites and channelizing their strengths to complete many social responsibilities. This is the unique example of its kind in the country to use social media for social cause. This movement has been awarded and recognized by government of Maharashtra, sakal media house, international CSR conference and by many more social organizations.

History Of Social Networking Forum.

While social media was used to spread religious and political unrest on a large scale, the Social Networking Forum came into existence by connecting the youths across social networking sites and channelizing their various strengths to complete many social responsibilities countrywide. This program has extended itself beyond India to the Non resident Indians all over the world. The Social Networking Forum was conceptualized by social worker Mr. Pramod Gaikwad with the motto “Social networking for a social cause” using Facebook in July 2010. Within next one year social networkers from various cities across the country like Dr. Uttam Fartale, Dr. Pankaj Bhadane, Er. Prashant Bachhav, Mr. Jeewan Sonawane, Ramdas Shinde, Geologist Dr. Jaideep Nikam, Ad. Gulab Aher, Capt. Nilesh Gaikwad, Shree Dhone, Mrs. Ambika Takalkar, Mrs. Arundhati Dumbre, Mrs. Vaishali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Kamble, Dinesh Joshi joined hands with this movement and started working actively. Renowned personalities like Rajya Sabha MP and President of Indian Council, for cultural relation Dr. Vinay Sahastrbuddhe, President of US - Maharashtra Bussiness Development Asso, Mr. Kishor Gore- USA, Ex Municipal Commissioner Mr. Jeewan Sonawane, Mr. Rajesh Bakshi from Qatar and Mr. Lakshmikant Pownikar from Iraq are some of our active members and mentors of Social Networking Forum since its inception. In the next two years , hundreds of youngsters on Facebook were attracted to Social Networking For Social Cause activities and many social projects were started in all over the state. With the increasing flow of social projects and members, the movement was then converted into a registered Non-governmental organization in 2014. Crossing all the boundaries laid by space and time, the organization’s reaching out for Indian youths worldwide turned out to be its greatest achievement. This organization on its functional grounds even might the first of its kind. The organization has mainly completed its duties by providing economic aid to families of martyred soldiers, helping drought struck farmers, providing permanent water sources to villages, adopting children of farmers who committed suicide and giving educational aid to rural schools.

Instead of using social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to spread social unrest or as a mere pastime it could be used for contributing towards socially beneficial causes. The Social Networking Forum turned this vision into a solid reality. Founder members began inviting youngsters on Facebook to join hands towards a social cause. Initiated by blood donation camps, Collecting clothes from members and distributing them among tribal people the movement quickly escalated to stronger activities. As a part of this program, clothes, sweets, and other necessary-for-life items were gifted during the festival of Diwali in 2010 in small villages of Harsul tribal area. A visit in such areas is a must to understand poverty in raw reality. The cloth deprived state of the residents of villages such as Harsul further underlines the importance of organizations like the social networking forum.

Netizens enthusiastically responded to the requests made to them. Hundreds of people sent in clothes and sweets to social networking forum for the needy during Diwali . They were then distributed among the village residents. This activity has been conducted on each year’s Diwali ever since. Many Nonresident Indians like Mr. Rajesh Bakshi from Qatar answered to the appeals of the forum and provided for many economically deprived people with blankets and clothes. The forum made sure that their contribution falls into the deserving hands. This and other such incidents were recognized over the internet due to which many socially aware netizens connected amongst themselves and united to work towards a single goal –‘social welfare ‘. Another such account is that of how the Facebook users helped the forum gift a hundred and fifty books to the unfortunate AIDS infected children whose care is taken by an institution in Solapur.

Blood donation camps were organized to save the lives of victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on the 26th of November. Instead of mere words, the forum believes in solid actions and it proved its faith in its ideals by such actions. Young people all over Maharashtra donated their blood and paid their last respects to the martyred personnel of the attack. After this the forum has been conducting blood donation camps on the first of July and the twenty-sixth of November every year. Orphanage authorities often ask the social networking forum to help its residents. The social networking forum has helped many such orphanages and old age homes by giving notebooks, educational kits, E-education kits and more importantly a feeling of security which they lacked. This program had soon covered the entire country.

In the meantime Pakistani military inhumanly beheaded two Indian soldiers. No wonder it evoked strong reactions on the internet. Once again abiding to its ideal of solid action, the social networking forum sprang into action and appealed to the members to help the families of the martyred soldiers. It received a never-before response. Non-resident Indians like Mr. Laxmikant Pownikar from Qatar, Mr. Milind Pagare from Iraq, Mr. Kishor Pawar from Abu Dhabi, Mr. Mukul Agashe from Singapore and Mr. Sandip Gangarde from China sent in financial help. The funds raised by Indians all over the world were given to the families of the brave soldiers who received martyrdom. Netizens even helped in providing water tankers to a drought-struck village in Marathwada area of Maharashtra in 2014.

The year of 2016 turned out to be rather unfortunate for the state of Maharashtra as famines hit the state at a large scale. The plight of the ruralites is heart-wrenching as they wander about for miles in search of water .The social networking forum, therefore, decided to step in and help the people out of this miseries. Our team surveyed the worst hit / affected villages and called out for help through social media. The appeal was heeded by several as the response was overwhelming. With the immense contributions and aid that poured in, the team took to work immediately. Five villages were surveyed and the task to make these five villages self-sufficient and water abundant was completed within the five months from January 2016 to May 2016. Similar programs were carried out to self-sufficent three more such villages in the year 2017. Our sincere efforts continue towards our mission as hundreds of appeals reach us every other day from various villages that face water scarcity .Analyzing the donations and aids that come in, the forum strives to take up more of such cases.

Hundreds of such social tasks carried out by Social Networking Forum prove to be the epitome for the effective use of social networking and internet for the betterment tribal community and villages of the society. Our mission that began with the little tagline of “Social Networking For Social Cause” has now expanded through financial aid and volunteering of several hundred youths. We express our pleasure with the fact that people who draw inspiration from our work have now joined the cause of social work and that they strive hard for the betterment of their own towns and village. We have executed many such programmes with the help of Facebook. The most satisfactory aspect remains that the social networking could be put to use in fulfilling moral obligations towards the society we live in.

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